Claude L Chafin

The Messenger           
 The True Story of a Young Boy Caught in the Aftermath of the Hatfield - McCoy Feud

       "Claude Chafin's book, The Messenger, recounting his grandfather Andrew Chafin's youthful days running urgent messages--and more than a few meals--between Devil Anse Hatfield's house on Island Creek and the hideouts of his sons, offers an eye-opening new perspective on the latter days of the infamous Hatfield-Mccoy feud. Andrew was a favorite of his uncle Devil Anse, who swore the boy had a sixth sense for danger and taught him how to hunt and shoot. Along the way, Andrew saw a thing or two he shouldn't have. Thanks to Claude Chafin, the boy messenger's memories are now captured for posterity."

--Dean King, author of The Feud